Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

We've all been that parent who swore by being FINISHED having children after baby number one, two, three... yeah sure your done! the little white lies we have all told time and time again are a o.k. until its time to re-purchase all of those cute little shoes, clothes and the most expensive items the furniture and accessories that we time and time again give away with the assumption were done. What if we chose to recycle, reduce and reuse our little ones gently used items and accessories? What if we swapped clothing and accessories with close family and friends? What if we took time to disassemble all of the furniture and accessories instead of giving it away time and time again? Long story short the list of What IF's goes on as we can see! lets change the never ending cycle of repurchasing the same exact items over and over again and recycle, reduce and reuse!


Yes we have many factors that often make mommy's and daddy's turn from this method of recycling, reducing and reusing such as the hammy down theory, the hoarding theory and even the theory of clothing being out of style years to come although as we've learned hammy downs are some of the best quality clothing and items not only are they of great quality but they are typically gently used and in great condition. Necessary hoarding is just that not over doing it but hoarding items and clothing that we know will save us money and time later on down the line. Lastly clothing going out of style we've all witnessed clothing coming in and out of style on typically a 5-8 year span so no worries there!


Yes hoarding is a very scary thing for a lot of us and even more frightening when your youngest child has reached a age of where you've just settled in on the thought of being "finished" although the financial benefit of necessary hoarding will save so much time and headache in the long run. Below is a very short list of the many things we often spend money on time and time again pregnancy after pregnancy because we've chosen to give our little ones gently worn and used items away as they grow.Use the list below as a guide to see what you would save money on by using the "necessary hoarding" mind set. 


1. Baby shower: venue rental, décor, food/drinks, invitations, and entertainment

2. Clothing

3. Shoes

4. Furniture

5. Accessories: swings, pack-n-play, stroller, car seat, car seat base, walkers, bouncers, high chair, toys, bottles, bottle warmers, wipe warmer, breast pumps, baby carriers, toiletrie kit, diaper bag, diaper pail, bassinet, baby monitor, rocking chair, baby mattress, bath tub, cloth diapers, baby thermometer, nursing pillow, infant floor seat, storage systems, security gates, safety plugs, cabinet and door holders, drying racks are just a short list..


Are you yet convinced that recycle, reduce and reuse is the way to go? be sure to elaborate and comment on your mommy and daddy experiences with being "finished" but not really lol be sure to share with us all your cool recycle, reduce and reuse habits via social media using hashtag, 











  • Anntwinette Muhammad

    Yes! This is for sure smart , and I have received a lot of things from my circle of family and friends ! Thank God for them!

  • Valerie Thomas

    We loved your blog please continue writing your friend Val!

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