25 Feb

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

We've all been that parent who swore by being FINISHED having children after baby number one, two, three... yeah sure your done! the little white lies we have all told time and time again are a o.k...

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11 Feb

Tips and tricks on making bedtime an exciting highlight of the evening

For most kids bedtime is a nightmare, their worst enemy, and something most kids dread looking forward to. Well instead of the typical bath, brush teeth and bed what if you change your routine just...

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28 Jan

Tips and Tricks on Teaching Without Becoming Too Agressive and Flustered!

We've all been in this very dark place of not understanding why your delivery and style of teaching just isn't working rather it be for your infant, toddler, preschooler or school aged child or chi...

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14 Jan

Tips and tricks on preparing for a organized week

Being organized is probably the toughest hurdle for many to tackle. As a new mom of two little girls, ages 6 years old and 3 months, planning a wedding, tackling a house renovation, and returning t...

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07 Jan

The Double Standards of what Age the First Barber vs Salon Visit Should Happen???

This seems to be a very controversial topic and one that many need to be reminded that a Barber or hair Salon visit is solely the parents choice! In most cases mommy's are usually the primary decis...

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31 Dec

Tips and Tricks on How to Avoid Reaching Your Breaking-Point When Teaching!

Being a teacher/mother sometimes I often find myself playing the "mommy" roll to all of my scholars because at the end of the day all 24 scholars in my classroom are my kids (this is not debatable)...

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