Tips and tricks on making bedtime an exciting highlight of the evening

For most kids bedtime is a nightmare, their worst enemy, and something most kids dread looking forward to. Well instead of the typical bath, brush teeth and bed what if you change your routine just a bit to assist you with a more relaxed and easy going bedtime. Below are tips on changing the typical 'before bed time actions" to a more non-typical approach.


1. For small children under the age of 3 years practice bed time a few times per day this helps tremendously with their understanding of the process and make bed time less difficult.


2. Reverse your usual routine: Bath, play time, dinner, playtime, bedtime. In most cases we have a eat, playtime, bath and bed routine switch long things up is always good! 


3. Playtime before bed utilizing dolls, and stuffed animals while role playing, have your child put the dolls to bed and commend the “dolls” or stuffed animals on how great of a job their doing being a big boy/girl.  

4. Stick with the same night time routine for at least 3-4weeks before giving up and saying this isn’t working. Every system needs that adapting time.

5. Be patient and trust your process! 

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  • Reesie

    I do not have children as of right now but I have babysat many children as the years have passed me by. I am quite fond of learning new ways to adjust and adapt to the growing young mind.
    I really appreciate the different perspective to the typical bedtime routine. I have been doing research on this topic lately (for whatever reason) and I have come to find out that the earlier you establish a night time routine the better. Many parents cosleep and that teaches a child dependency sometimes which makes them less likely to want to sleep in their own bed. I have learned that consistency and patience is key. Children are highly intelligent and they catch on rather quickly. The more we keep at the task at hand, the more the child will adapt to what we would like him/her to do.
    I loved your suggestion about playtime before bed. It allows the children one last time to get all of the pint up energy out!
    Great blog post! Can’t wait to know what you have in store for the next one!

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