The Double Standards of what Age the First Barber vs Salon Visit Should Happen???

This seems to be a very controversial topic and one that many need to be reminded that a Barber or hair Salon visit is solely the parents choice! In most cases mommy's are usually the primary decision maker on when the first Barber or Salon visit should and will happen, not that fathers aren't as concerned but in most cases lets be honest the daddy could care less about the whole "hair thing"! There's this strong belief that boys hair shouldn't be cut/trimmed until after the age of two or older and girls shouldn't visit a Salon until their at least 10 years old. It's societies belief that if a young girl under the age of 6 is in the salon getting dolled up alongside mommy its viewed as being a bit over the top, Although a young boy under the age of 6 in the Barber shop alongside daddy is viewed as being super cool. Why the double standard? Many will argue a young girl's mother should be managing her hair at "home" per say but why shouldn't daddy's be held as accountable for going out purchasing clippers and managing their sons hair at home also? For lack of better words the double standards must STOP!


Both situations despite the sex of the child should be viewed the same way and here's why. There is no difference from a mom with a boy who could no longer manage her sons unmanageable head of hair than a mom with a girl that can no longer manage her daughters unmanageable head of hair both situations are one in the same. Both situations share the same common denominator unmanageable hair. So when should a first barber or salon visit happen? whenever your child's hair becomes too unmanageable for you to handle, when doing and managing hair causes stress to you and your child, when the mentioning of a comb or a brush is a nightmare are all signs that maybe a professional visit needs to happen below are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect child friendly salon or barber:


1. Network with friends and family who have children who go's to the barbershop and or salon.

2. If you aren't lucky with #1 google local barbershops and salons contact them and inquire about the minimum age ranges of children they accept, how many clients they serve within your child's specific age range ect.

3. Make two visits to the barbershop or salon prior to your child's appointment. The first visit is to assure its a kid friendly environment, the second visit try and schedule preferably when there are kids around your child's age being serviced this is a great way to break the ice!

4. Remember don't be so quick to judge other mommy's and daddy's who may have to visit the barbershop or salon a few years sooner than what society says is "normal" different strokes for different folks.




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